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METER: with chorus
AUTHOR: Norm Minahan (written for believers' conference 12/20-21/08)
COMPOSER: William Howard Doane (1832-1915)

God through His compassions is calling to you:
Present him your bodies a sacrifice true.
Yes, living and holy, well-pleasing to God,
A sensible service while on Earth you trod.

We are one! We are one!
In the Body of Christ!
Members all! Members all!
Who can function in life!
Each member in function is unique in Christ,
Yet joined to each other, displaying Christ’s life.

O do not be fashioned by this present age,
But transformed and renewed from stage unto stage.
God’s will—good, well-pleasing and perfect—you prove,
As ones in His Body together you move.

Of self think not highly, in mind sober be,
For God is the One who apportioned to thee,
The faith which by measure you now have received,
That gives different functions to all who believed.

Our gifts they all differ according to grace
As everyone functions in his special place,
And loving the brothers in brotherly love
Give honor to others as from God above.

Copyright © 2007 Church in Detroit